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Business Travellers
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Business Travellers

Business travellers carrying commercial goods or samples may need to obtain permits for their goods depending on the nature of the goods, regardless of value. Quarantine and wildlife regulations and other restrictions may also apply to certain goods.

A customs entry for Customs clearance may be required if the goods carried are valued over $A1000.

Laptop computers and other similar electronic equipment for personal use may also be brought in duty/tax free provided Customs is satisfied you are taking these goods with you upon departure.

Temporary importation of commercial goods

Carnets may be obtained for temporary duty/tax free entry of goods such as commercial samples, jewellery, goods for international exhibitions, equipment for sporting events, professional television and film equipment etc. Contact your International Chamber of Commerce for application details.

For more information on importing goods, contact a Customs office or an Australian mission overseas or refer to the Customs brochure "Customs Information for Importers" available at Customs offices in Australia or at Australian missions overseas.


Business Travellers
Business Travellers
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