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Check-in Tips
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Check-in Tips

  • Check-in normally opens up to three hours prior to flight departure, depending on the terms and conditions specified by your airline. It is recommended that passengers arrive no later than two hours prior to departure to allow for any delays at check-in, Customs and Border Protection, immigration and security screening.

  • Check that you have all relevant travel documentation including passports and tickets.

  • Ensure you do not exceed your baggage allowance.

  • Once you arrive at the terminal, look for the flight information display screens. These will tell you which check-in counter has been allocated for your flight.

  • Have your ticket and passport ready while waiting to check-in.

  • Check that you haven’t packed prohibited items in your carry-on bags such as scissors or Swiss Army knives. These items are prohibited and will not be permitted beyond the screening point and may need to be surrendered for disposal.

  • International travellers boarding flights in Australia need to be aware of the rules for the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) you can take onboard an international flight. This includes duty free liquids, aerosols and gels such as alcohol, perfume or cosmetics, regardless of where they were purchased before the security screening point.

  • Do not make jokes about bombs or make security threats. This is a criminal offence and the Police may be called. As a consequence you may miss your flight or your airline might not allow you to board your flight.

  • Don’t leave your baggage unattended at any time as it will be treated as suspicious and taken away.

  • It is recommended that passengers clear Customs, Immigration and Security Screening one hour prior to the flight departure time.

  • Passengers requiring special assistance will need to contact your airline in advance, ideally at the time of flight booking.


Check-in Tips
Check-in Tips
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