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New Zealand Tourist Visa
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New Zealand Tourist Visa


1. Passport - Must be valid for 3 months beyond intended date of departure from New Zealand. All applicants are required to provide a photocopy of the first & last page of their passports.

2. Two recent passport sized photos (less than 6 months old) - If the photo provided is older than 6 months, you will be requested to provide a recent photo and this can result in delays in the processing of the application.

3. Copy of your important documents, including house registration, ID card, marriage certificate (if applicable), change of name certificate (if applicable), birth certificate (for children under 15 years old).

4. Copy of personal bank statement for the last six months. If there are large cash deposits in the account, you must provide documentary evidence of the source of these funds.

5. A letter of leave from your employer. Letters from an employer should include annual income

(including bonus), length of employment and position held.  Also, it must be on company

letterhead, bearing the stamp of the company and the signature of the head of the company or

the authorised person of the personnel department.  If you are self-employed, business or

company registration certificate showing proof of ownership and company bank statements

must be submitted.

6. Student must provide evidence of your enrolment such as a letter from your education institute.


For family travel (husband, wife and children under 20 years old), you are required to lodge only one application costing 2,000 baht.

In case of family members travelling on a different date, you will be charged 3,200 baht per person.



New Zealand Tourist Visa
New Zealand Tourist Visa
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