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Pet Travel
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Pet Travel (Special Service)

Transporting pets can be a stressful experience for both the passenger and their beloved pet. Therefore, THAI is committed to providing a caring, comfortable and stress-free service for both.

Advanced arrangements for pet travel services must be made at the time of booking, at least 48 hours prior to flight departure.  Passengers are required to alert their travel agent or local THAI office at the time of booking that they will be traveling with their pet. THAI’s staff will check on space availability and provide advice on regulations for the travel of pets to final destination and/or transit points.

In general, there are four ways to transport pets with THAI:


Essential Documents and Health Requirements

Please ensure that all necessary documents have been obtained before departing as follows:

  • Valid export and import permits from the relevant animal quarantine officer

  • Valid health and rabies vaccination certificate from the authorizing veterinarian

  • The Animal Quarantine Bureau of Japan must be notified at least 40 days in advance of scheduled arrival of dogs and cats that will enter Japan. The Bureau will issue a document known as ‘Approval of Inspection of Animal’.

  • Prior to entering India, a –No Objection Certificate- (NOC) must be issued locally by the Animal Quarantine and Certification Services (AQCS).

  • Dogs and cats entering EU communities must be implanted with Microchip.

  • Some countries, e.g. UK, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong (SAR China), have imposed regulations to allow pets into their countries as cargo only. Please refer to the topic –Cargo-.

  • THAI strongly recommends that passengers obtain details regarding documents required for pet transportation from the relevant  embassy website or your nearest embassy.

  • There are a limited number of pets allowed, due to rules and regulations of each country.

  • Some breeds of dogs, e.g.  pitbull terrier dogs, are prohibited into some countries, such as Thailand.

  • Dogs and cats less than 6 months old are prohibited entry into some countries.

  • Sick/injured/pregnant pets are prohibited from transport.


Pets in Cabin (PETC)

Passengers may bring domesticated dogs or cats with them in the cabin in some aircrafts type on THAI’s international and domestic flights provided that documents and health certificate are obtained from the animal quarantine office for export and import to each destination. Should passengers have a plan to carry their pet along, THAI requests that the local THAI office be advised at least 48 hours in advance, due to  some limitation of the number of pets accepted on board.

Passengers may bring their dog or cat on board in the cabin with the maximum weight up to 10kgs including the container not exceeding the measurements (55length x 37width x 30height in CMS).

Notes : Rules and regulations of each destination/transit applied. Pitbull terrier dogs are prohibited from entering some countries, e.g. Thailand.Charges

The pet, including the container, will be charged as excess baggage. A weight concept or piece concept charge depends on the destination flight. More details may be obtained by contacting the local THAI office.


Pets as Checked Baggage (AVIH)

Should the dog or cat exceed the 10kgs weight or the measurement to transport as PETC, then the pet shall be transported as checked baggage. This service will allow passengers to check-in and collect their pet at the passenger terminals of their flight’s departure and arrival airports. The pet will be loaded in an aircraft hold just beneath the passenger cabin where it will be safe and in a temperature controlled environment.

Flight to/from USA the maximum weight/dimension of pet including the container is 32kgs and dimensions 54 inches length, 27 inches height, 33 inches wide.

ChargeYour pet will be charged and applied the same scheme as PETC.




Travelling with Guide Dog or Assistance Dogs

THAI can accept guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs for the deaf in the cabin (PETC) to some destinations. Passengers must ensure that all animal quarantine regulations and documentations for the entry/transit are provided.

This service will be carried without charge. Please contact THAI local office at least 48 hours in advance of flight departure. The dog will not occupy a seat and will be located next to you but not at the emergency exit row. The dog must be harnessed during the flight.

Flight to/from USA  should a passenger with disability has to carry his/her guide dog/assistance dog or emotional support dog please refer towww.prthaiairways.com

Pets as Cargo ( Unaccompanied pets)

This service allows passengers to transport other pets, not only dogs and cats. Shipping pets  will be made through the cargo terminal at the flight departure and arrival airport. The pets will not accompany the passenger; therefore, it is required to make arrangements in advance due to space limitation in the air-conditioned cargo hold for transportation of live animals.


The cost will be more economically feasible compared to PETC (pet in cabin) and AVIH (animal in hold). Passengers will pay for an airways bill instead of excess baggage.

Notes : Please contact an authorized pet travel agent in the local area for details.


Container Requirements

The design and construction of the container must conform to IATA Live Animal Regulations. The following requirement must be met, otherwise THAI may refuse to transport the pet:

• The container must be large enough for the pet to stand up, turn and lie down in a   
              natural manner.

• It must be strong enough to protect the pet during take off and landing. It must have at
              least 3 sides.

• The door must be secure in such a manner that it will not open accidentally or the pet
              cannot open it.

• Feeding and watering instructions must be affixed to the container.

Suitable pet containers are available in most professional pet stores.



Pet Travel
Pet Travel
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