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Wheelchair Request
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Wheelchair Requests (Special Service


If a wheelchair is required it must be requested at the time of booking, or at least 48 hours before departure date.

THAI provides wheelchair service without any extra charge. However, please be advised that passengers must be able to take care of themselves during the flight. THAI will assist wheelchair passengers from wheelchair to seat, as well as, to the aircraft’s lavatories.

THAI provides wheelchairs on board the aircraft; to enable cabin crew to assist passengers when needing the lavatory. However, cabin crew cannot assist the passenger inside the lavatory.

If you are unable to take care of your personal needs inflight, we urge you to travel with a companion or escort, who can readily assist you and manage your needs.


On your departure, THAI’s staff will assist you from the check-in counter to the aircraft door or cabin seat, and upon arrival, the staff will assist you with the baggage, through the arrival area.

If passenger has his/her own wheelchair, the wheelchair measurements and weight need to informed at the time of booking to enable us to make the necessary arrangements in order to load your wheelchair into the aircraft hold, and return it to you at the baggage hall of your destination airport.  If your wheelchair weighs over 32 kilograms (71 lbs.), special authorization from THAI is needed, due to weight and space restrictions at some airports.


Wheelchair Request
Wheelchair Request
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