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Expectant Mothers
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Expectant Mothers (Special Service)

Pregnancies last on average  40 weeks. For uncomplicated pregnancies, THAI has imposed certain guidelines for travelling expectant mothers, as follows:

• After the 28th week of pregnancy, passengers must obtain a medical certificate of fitness to travel issued by their attending obstetrician, stating the number of weeks of pregnancy and estimated date of delivery. The medical certificate issued by the doctor must be issued no  later than 7 days prior to departure, which must be carried with the expectant passenger when boarding the flight.

• For  safety reasons, THAI reserves the right to deny boarding under certain circumstances if expecting passengers choose not to carry a medical certificate.

• Expectant mothers may be permitted to travel up to the end of the 36th week of pregnancy on flights less than 4 hours (the estimated date of delivery being 4 weeks or more).

• On flights more than 4 hours, expectant mothers may be permitted to travel up to the end of 34th  week (for pregnancies with the date of delivery estimated at being 6 weeks or more).

• Expectant mothers whose pregnancy has entered beyond the 36th week of pregnancy will not be permitted to travel due to safety reasons.

Complicated Pregnancy

Expectant passengers with pregnancy complications such as twin babies or history of miscarriage are required to obtain medical approval from their obstetrician. The passenger’s obstetrician is required to complete a  “Medical Clearance Form” (MEDA)  and submit it to THAI no later than 48 hours prior to flight departure.

It is strongly advised that expecting passengers contact the local THAI office if they need travel-related assistance or further information.

Note: Since certain countries, such as Singapore or Malaysia, have imposed certain restrictions regarding expectant mothers of other nationalities from entering their nation, THAI strongly advises that passengers obtain information prior to flight departure.



Expectant Mothers
Expectant Mothers
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