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Travelling with Infants
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Travelling with Infants (Special Service)

Passengers may travel with infants with Thai Airways. However, newborns below 7 days old will not be accepted for travel under any circumstances.



Bassinet (BSCT)

• Baby bassinets are available on THAI flights that are over 2 hours. THAI’s bassinets measure 75 x 35 x 22 cms., for infants weighing no more than 10kgs. (22 pounds).

• For safety reasons, only infants 6 months old or less will be entitled a bassinet. When making a reservation, a “baby bassinet” may be requested, at least 48 hours before flight departure.

Infant car seat

• If you wish to bring your own car seat into the cabin, a child fare will be charged. The car seat must be  designed to carry an infant and  placed securely in the passenger seat.

• For more information, please contact the local THAI office 



Baby diapers



Baby diapers are available on board flights operated on selected international routes and may be obtained from the cabin crew.  Aircraft lavatories are also equipped with pull-down tables for changing diapers. However, THAI highly recommends that passengers bring their own infant diapers, as only limited quantities of size L diapers are available on certain international routes.


Travelling with Infants
Travelling with Infants
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