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QBE Travel Insurance
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 QBE Travel Insurance

QBE Travel Insurance for Book Schoolies 

To prevent losses or damages whilst travelling, Jumpee Travel recommends all travellers to take travel insurance with QBE to protect travellers from unexpected events on the trips.

QBE Insurance (Australia) is a subsidiary of QBE Insurance Limited which has customer service centres all around the world including Thailand. QBE has been operating in Thailand since 1989 with its head office located in Bangkok. To get more information about QBE please contact Jumpee Travel.

Travellers should secure travel insurance from QBE before departure. QBE travel insurance provides you with comprehensive cover so you can enjoy your trip and have peace of mind knowing that you are covered wherever you are. This cover includes loss of life, permanent disability, medical expenses incurred as a result of injuries from accidents during the trip. Moreover, QBE also covers transportation cancellations or delays. With QBE Insurance, we offer a complete coverage at a suitable price.


No one knows when and where the incident will happen, but travellers can expect to receive excellent services from QBE, who strive to find your needs when and where the loss occurred.

Process and claims services may vary depending on the type of insurance. You will need to understand to ensure that the result is satisfactory.

For queries, please contact the insurance agent or travel agent for assistance..

As an insurance company, QBE is committed to pay for losses and damages based on the level of risk. Generally, insurance with a wide range of coverage will have a higher premium rate. If you purchase an insurance plan and have been endangered on your travels, the company will be responsible for the areas in which the claim covers. It is necessary for travellers to be guided by the agent. Travellers need to read the policies to be fully knowledgable about the protection before making a contract with the company.




QBE Travel Insurance
QBE Travel Insurance
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