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How To Make A Claim
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 How To Make A Claim


Things you have to do when you have a loss

- Report losses to QBE (Australia) by copying the claims and sending them to the Company.

- Report to Jumpee Travel, your travel agent.

- Complete a claim form and prepare the important documents prior to the submission to QBE (Australia).

- Make a copy of the claim and related documents to keep as your records.


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Important notes

Report the accident immediately

In order to quickly process a claim, you need to report the incident immediately. Claim officers will help mitigate your damages. When accidents are covered under the insurance policy, the insured travellers must report the accident in writing to QBE (Australia) immediately or as agreed on each insurance policy. You will need to specify the damages received from the accident in detail.

QBE insurance will cover the financial impact of the accident. Additionally, for the emotional impact, QBE will professionally manage that situation which will leave you worry free.

Duration of the contract claim

Duration of the contract claim will depend on the nature of the damage occurred and the complexity of managing claims. Simple claims such as claim of property or car will be settled in a short time. On the contrary, in some cases, claims may take a year before sending the case to the court. You will need advice from experts to help in investigations. The claims specialist  from  QBE (Australia) will assist with the procedure mentioned above as part of the contract.

The claims

In order to register your claim, please fill out and return the claim to the insurance department (see contact details) and submit a copy of documents to Jumpee Travel or your travel agencies. The company will contact you by phone or by mail to process the claim. QBE may contact you through your agent or contact you directly. Please be advised that you also need to report to your travel agent about your claim in order for the travel agent to ensure that you receive the best service.


How To Make A Claim
How To Make A Claim
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